Judith Matz, lcsw


Still battling with overeating?Stop fighting. Make peace.

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Judith is known for her engaging, entertaining style and her compassionate voice. She speaks at national and international conferences and workshops, and leaves her audiences with strategies to change their relationship with food and discover wellness beyond weight. Her work inspires other professionals to examine their own attitudes toward dieting, food and weight, and have frequently been described as “transformative.”

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Popular topics:

For the general public:

  • The Power of Mindful Eating: How to End Overeating and Develop a Satisfying Relationship with Food
  • Fostering A Healthy Body Image: Changing the Conversation about Dieting, Food and Weight
  • Discover Wellness Beyond Weight: Five Keys to Making Peace with Food and Your Body

For Professionals

  • The Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder: A Mindful Approach to Recovery
  • Why The Health At Every Size® Paradigm Matters: Supporting Clients in Their Journey Toward Self-Acceptance
  • Body of Knowledge: Exploring the Clinician’s Experience of Body Size and Its Impact on Treatment
  • The Diet Survivor’s Circle: Journey To Empowerment

Upcoming Events

  • Sep 01 - Sep 30,2017

    PESI workshops in the Boston area: September 2017

    More info coming soon!

  • March 30,2017
    Oakbrook, IL

    Health at Every Size Matters® (HAES):
    Supporting Clients in Their Journeys to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food and Their Bodies


  • October 28,2016

    WE Are The Culture: Changing The Conversation About Dieting, Food, And Weight

    Binge Eating Disorder Association Keynote