Judith Matz, lcsw


Still battling with food?Stop fighting. Make peace.

I offer resources to help people end chronic dieting and out of control eating and to build a healthy relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves.

“On an individual level, I’d like to see people become free from the diet/binge trap and instead find peace in their relationship with food and their body. On a cultural level, I’d like to see all of us stop putting out messages that blame and shame people about eating and body size.

I’d love to see us focus on what really matters: practicing healthful behaviors, having positive connections with other people, finding work and activities that give us a sense of meaning and purpose, and creating a world that treats all bodies with respect.” – Judith Matz

Binge eating. Emotional Eating. Rebound Eating

  • Do you feel out of control with food?
  • Are you caught in the diet/binge cycle?
  • Do you think about food and weight a lot of time?

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    Imagine The Freedom!

    Judith’s passion for her work and knowledge of her subject comes through loud and clear. I could have listened to her all day. Debra Phoenix, AZ
    Extremely motivating! Life-changing! I came to learn more about eating issues to help my clients, and came away with a wealth of information that I will use in my own life. Thank you! Paula Ann Arbor, MI
    For the first time in my life, I am no longer controlled by food. Thank you for teaching me this life-changing approach – it has made all the difference. Haley Highland Park, IL