Judith Matz, lcsw


Still battling with food?Stop fighting. Make peace.


You didn’t fail your diet. Your diet failed YOU.

In a society where thinness is a measure of worthiness, it’s no wonder the multibillion-dollar weight-loss industry continues to flourish while its loyal, repeat customers continue to suffer in shame. After all, we’ve been led to believe that it’s our fault we can’t succeed at the latest diet, control our eating, or mold our bodies to the “correct” size and shape.

The Emotional Eating, Chronic Dieting, Binge Eating & Body Image Workbook seeks to flip that narrative on its head.


Beyond a Shadow of a Diet, 2nd Edition, is the most comprehensive book available for professionals working with clients who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder, Compulsive Eating, or Emotional Overeating. The authors present research revealing that food restrictions in the pursuit of weight loss actually trigger and sustain overeating. Next, they offer step-by-step guidelines to help clients end the diet mentality and learn an internally-based approach known as attuned eating. Divided into three sections – The Problem, The Treatment and The Solution – this engaging book contains chapters filled with compelling case examples, visualizations and other exercises so that therapists can deepen their knowledge and skills as they helps clients gain freedom from preoccupation with food and weight.

The Diet Survivor’s Handbook

You didn’t fail your diet. Your diet failed YOU.

If you are tired of being caught in the diet/binge cycle, this compassionate book will reaffirm that you haven’t failed diets; diets have failed you. This easy-to-read guide gives you a step-by-step approach to effectively end overeating and to become an attuned eater, making peace with food.

Each of the 60 lessons teaches how to experience a positive, satisfying relationship with food, your body, and ultimately yourself. Lessons include an activity to practice or integrate the concept, and a quote that is either humorous or inspirational for diet survivors to let go of shame and begin the healing process.

Amanda’s Big Dream

A healthy body image is essential for kids to feel confident and strong!

Parents want their children to have a healthy body image, but may be unsure how to respond to their kids’ anxiety about weight. Amanda’s Big Dream helps parents, teachers and other caregivers discuss this topic with children in an entertaining and positive way.

The Body Positivity Card Deck: 53 Strategies for Body Acceptance, Appreciation and Respect

You can feel better about your body, and move from body shame to body positivity!
With these simple practices, reflections, and inspirations you ll learn to find appreciation for your body. This deck contains 53 unique healing strategies that will guide you to build self-confidence and respect for the body that you have – and help to create a more inclusive world.

The Making Peace with Food Card Deck

End chronic dieting and heal your relationship with food.

In this unique and easy-to-use card deck, you’ll find 59 anti-diet strategies to help you break free from the diet mindset and find peace with food.